CBRA Field Day - [ Friday 6/26/2021 - Sunday 6/28/2021] ,
Email info@wa3sfj.net for more details 
-CBRA Committee
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NOTICE: Due to the current COVID-19 rates in the area, CBRA monthly meetings will be held virtually. Please contact info@wa3sfj.net for meeting details. If a member of CBRA, details will be posted in the groups.io message board.
-CBRA Committee
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CLUB ActivitIes
Members of the CBRA are known for helping interested parties learn about Amateur Radio Techniques, Antennas, and areas of electronics 
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License operators through the FCC and agreements with the ITU, Amateur Radio operations communicate to others around the world
Amateur Radio Repeater Services
Providing Cecil County and immediate areas 2m, 70cm, and 60m repeater services
Amateur Radio Contests
CBRA members actively participate in multiple contests, for recognition and for pure fun of working crowded bands.
MEMBER ACtivites
Parks on the Air(POTA), Members of the club are actively pursuing POTA activations as spotters and activators
Provides and receives training from Members of the CBRA to expand knowledge and experience in Amateur Radio
Provides Cecil County and Surround areas alternate emergency communication when called.
Summits on the Air (SOTA), Members of the club are actively pursuing SOTA activations as spotters and activators
Exam Testing
In partnership with State Line Amateur Radio, CBRA co-host Exam session at the Rising Sun Post 194 American Legion.
Trained by the local NWS, in support of weather spotting to verify conditions, and provide early warning of known weather hazard
Coomunications with other operators throught the use of satellilte communicaitons, to include the ISS (International Space Station)
ISS 2-17-2019 (3)